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Introduction: Art9Gallery

  • Creative arts and culture are a base for humanity. Art9Gallery (inc.) promises contribution to the development of greater arts and culture.

  • 2020 is a year of new changes and a new era. Watch Art9Gallery as we strive to cultivate a brighter and more hopeful future of arts and culture. I believe arts and culture were in both close and far relation with the economy in all ages. However, there are many who could not afford an opportunity to enjoy and feel the inspiration of art because of the reality they face and live in. I have always pondered on how to put together arts and culture with the field of asset management and IT industry where I worked for a long time. I am always giving my best to unify the fine arts and finance, arts and culture and Information Technology and actualise the arts that finds its way into the people ever since opening Jeongsu Art Center under Art9Gallery in 2019.

  • Jeongsu Art Center, located on Street of Culture (Samcheong-dong, Seoul), promises 2020 to be the year of making real our ambitions of playing a major role in the field of arts and culture. Pinning Jeongsu Art Center as a starting point of globalising Korean arts and culture, we plan to invest and foster in building a bridge connecting the culture of today to the future. The Art9Gallery will compensate for what artists cannot achieve on their own and put special effort to create a new marketing structure for businesspeople and the people who could not get a chance to truly enjoy arts and culture.

  • We will prioritise and put utmost effort in leading arts and culture towards the greater tomorrow through progressive mindset, adventurous goals and better actions. Thank you.

       Art9Gallery(inc.) CEO Lim Yeongsu


​Introduction: Jeongsu Art Center

  • Jeongsu Art Center, founded under Art9Gallery inc., (121 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, seoul, South korea) cooperates with experts of various fields to be a pillar of the new paradigm of arts and culture of the 21st century. Jeongsu Art Center, opened through shareholders’ resolutions and collaborations, aims to suggest a new model for the cultural and arts industry of the 21st century.

  • We are an incorporated enterprise founded by director Park Jeongsu, a long-running figure in the field of art market, CEO Lim Youngsu from IT industrial technological innovation and planning, art-lovers in the asset management fields and the affiliated artists.

  • Jeongsu Art Center creates an environment in which arts and culture unite with Information Technology and artists and their works coexist with capitalism. We are trying out various methods to discover new artists, support artists’ social activities and expand overseas. The Jeongsu Art Center (on 121 Samcheong-ro) will always keep its exhibition hall open to artists to go all out in providing and sponsoring high-quality exhibitions.


       JEONGSU ART CENTER director Park Jeongsu


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